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Maximum Group, based in Birmingham are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of business telephone systems and equipment. Plus we are Mitel accredited telephone system maintenance providers.




Call recording software records telephone conversations over PSTN or VoIP in a digital audio file format. This is commonly used in the business world today.


Benefits of call recording are:


Speech Analytics

Help to bind and enhance the standard call recording features and are so fundamental to business improvements.


Enhancing call quality

Call recordings are a key tool used in the training process to improve the overall quality and efficiency of calls.  This is particularly important for call centre quality monitoring processes.


Facilitate regulatory compliance

Many organisations simply have to record their calls to comply with regulations governing their operations.  FSA regulated organisations, for example, may be required to record and retain calls.  Those organisations using call recording as they take credit card details over the phone will need to ensure that they comply with PCI-DSS call recording requirements.


Aid dispute resolution

From the simple requirement to be able to provide evidence of conversations to solve disputes, to the need to ensure staff are complying with industry requirements, call recording is now recognised as an essential tool by a growing number of



Analysis of call activity

Most call recording solutions now provide call management and call logging software.  These help analyse and manage call activity within organisations to provide enhanced service levels and improved operational performance.  Those businesses wishing to explore the benefits of the more sophisticated business analytics, including Speech Analytics, Activity Analytics and Screen Recording are encouraged to experience the Enterprise solution.


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