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Maximum Group, based in Birmingham are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of business telephone systems and equipment. Plus we are Mitel accredited telephone system maintenance providers.




Hosted Voice is a cost-effective way to quickly gain the benefits of convergence, without the upheaval or cost. Because it’s hosted it’s also quick and easy for you to add new sites or users, without the need for large upfront investment.


It can include whatever tools and services you need such as hosted contact centres, intelligent numbers, voice continuity and can cope with organisations that  have multiple sites across the world.


Maximum Group can offer managed IP telephony services providing you between 3 and 100 VoIP lines over either a current or new data connections. It includes a set of rich features and all this comes without having to purchase a phone system or extra standard phone lines, giving you potential cost savings and efficiency gains. You get a wide range of calling features which are easily configured as and when needed.


Set-up is easy and you don’t need lots of equipment so there’s minimal start- up costs and lines can easily be managed using the online portal.