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0845 373 3299


Maximum Group, based in Birmingham are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of business telephone systems and equipment. Plus we are Mitel accredited telephone system maintenance providers.




Maximum provide Business Lines and Call packages that are tailored to meet the specific communications requirements of your business, whatever its size today or tomorrow.


We can offer you a full range of telecommunications services and highly competitive tariffs as well. Whether you need us to arrange the installation of new lines or want to transfer your existing services. Maximum Group makes everything quick and

easy for business operations.


If you’re looking for a phone line installation or phone line maintenance we’re the right group to call!


Analogue lines allow one incoming or outgoing call at any one time, for voice calls, fax or broadband.

Multi Lines are a collection of analogue lines on the same number, usually connected to a phone system and

allowing more concurrent calls.


ISDN2 is a 2 channel digital line that can be used for voice, data, video or fax, and can allocate separate

phone numbers to users.


ISDN30 is like ISDN2 but supports between 8 and 30 channels.


SIP Trunks are IP phone lines; a modern alternative to ISDN lines.


SIP Trunks are more preferable due to being more cost-effective, Installed at a fraction of the time and cost of ISDN,

Choose any local area number regardless of location and can be used with all phone systems, IP-enabled or not.


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