Did you know that we provide a care and maintenance package?

Make sure that your phone system is fully protected in the case of an emergency.
Customer support staff
Care level protection for phone lines and broadband
With over 90% of faults fixed and repaired within 24 hours, our care level protection can be vital for the modern-day business. With many issues resolved remotely, we can provide you with a fast repair and value for money service. Don’t get caught out, call Maximum Group today for care level plans in Birmingham and beyond.

What are our care levels?
Level 1
Included on all business phone lines.
Cost: Included

Level 2
Report before 1pm. Clear by 11:59pm next day.
Cost: FREE

Level 3
Report before 1pm. Clear by 11:59pm same day.
Report after 1pm. Clear by 12:59pm next day.
Monday to Sunday, including public and bank holidays.
Cost: Charged per channel/line

Level 4
Reported and cleared within 6 hours. Any time of the day, any day of the year. 
Cost: Charged per channel/line
Abortive engineer visit
When an engineer cannot gain access to a premises, has been given different instructions or has been turned away.
Cost: One-off fixed fee

Cancellation of orders
When an order is asked to be cancelled after the point of no return (customer no longer requires).
Cost: Charged per order
To find out more about our telephone fault care and maintenance plans in Birmingham and across the UK, call Maximum Group on:
0845 3733 299
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