Mitel Collaboration

Mitel collaboration software and solutions support all forms of collaboration, including voice, video calling, instant messaging, web presentation and collaboration with audio, web and video conferencing.
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Keep youR workforce connected
With the Mitel Collaboration software, you can keep your workforce connected wherever they are in the world. Stay in touch with colleagues, partners and customers with the latest in collaboration software. With real-time communication you can ensure easy, ongoing sharing of information and ideas. Located in Birmingham but covering all areas throughout the UK, why not contact Maximum Group for more details?

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The Mitel Collaboration software can help with:
Significant cost savings - lower travel expenses and less employee transit time

Enhanced productivity and innovation - more time spent on day to day business tasks

Stronger relationships - easy collaboration and information sharing among employees, customers, partners and suppliers

Smarter and better coordination - easier access to information and expertise needed to get the job done
For more details on collaboration software, call Maximum Group of Birmingham on:
0845 3733 299
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