Hosted solution system packages in Birmingham and across the UK

A hosted voice solution is a cost-effective way to quickly gain the benefits of convergence, but without the upheaval or cost.
Laptop and a phone
Easy set-up and no need for lots of equipment
At Maximum Group, we can provide customers with managed IP telephony services and hosting solutions. Providing between 3 and 100 VoIP lines over a current or new data connection, Maximum Group should be your first port of call. Including a set of rich features, our hosting solutions come without having to purchase a phone system or extra standard phone lines

Reasons to choose a hosted solution include
  • Quick and easy to add new sites or users
  • No need for large upfront investment
  • Can include tools and services such as hosted contact centres, intelligent numbers and voice continuity
  • A wide range of calling features
  • Can cope with organisations that have multiple sites across the world
  • Easily managed using an online portal
  • And much more
For more information on hosting solutions, call Maximum Group of Birmingham on:
0845 3733 299
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