Mitel outbound and inbound call centre systems

Strengthening customer relationships with high level business platforms IN BIRMINGHAM AND ACROSS THE UK.
Engage customers proactively and boost agent efficiency
Whether you’re looking to drive productivity or streamline your call centre operation, the Mitel outbound and inbound telecommunications systems will help you give your customers the service they deserve. The Mitel call centre systems will enable your telephone operatives to handle customer queries quicker and more efficiently. Why not get in touch with Maximum Group today and see how we can help your business?

Automated outbound dialling is a powerful tool for teams looking to provide proactive outreach and execute campaigns efficiently. By eliminating guesswork and automatically connecting agents with customers, outbound dialling solutions can maximize agent productivity and deliver the information required for a successful interaction.
Businesses can use outbound campaigns can to uncover potential revenue opportunities, disseminate important business information or even support business operations outside the contact centre (for example, reminding customers of upcoming appointments or past due payments). This level of service helps businesses differentiate themselves by providing an intimate experience that positively impacts customer satisfaction and retention. 

Benefits of the outbound contact centre system include:
  • Enhanced customer service delivery - scripting, action prompts, and CRM pop-ups equip agents with the necessary information for informed and personal customer interactions
  • Actionable insights and reporting - measure outbound dialling to ensure your contact centre runs at optimal efficiency—and uncover buying patterns to boost sales of additional products, services or upgrades
  • Intelligent lead management - with visual data segmentation and call recycling tools, you can ensure leads are handled appropriately and allow managers to adjust campaigns on the fly without downtime
  • Painless IT management - simplify IT management with inbound and outbound workflows, visual programming interfaces and support for resilient, highly available architectures

Start solid and leave room to grow. Contact centres come in many shapes and sizes, from informal teams that don't officially consider themselves contact centres to sophisticated, enterprise-grade operations with agents at different sites worldwide. The goal of any team, regardless of size, is to provide the satisfying customer experience required to build and maintain profitable relationships—a feat that involves more than managing call-handling times and abandon rates. 

Top features businesses look for in inbound call centres:
  • Tools for optimising the customer experience - productivity tools enable agents and supervisors to make informed decisions and provide prompt service. Agents can efficiently handle calls from their desktop, performing common actions using fewer steps and with reduced errors in call processing for an optimized customer experience
  •  Future-ready for investment protection - ensure your current and future needs are met with flexible deployment options on premise or in the cloud. Easily scale up or down as your contact centre grows or traffic increases
  • Lower TCO from a comprehensive solution - minimize operational complexity and vendor integration costs with contact centre solutions that integrate with your PBX and UC or external applications (including CRM). Choosing a full suite of tools to address your business requirements, even as they grow and evolve, will ultimately lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Resiliency and high availability - ensure business continuity with a robust and highly resilient solution that is designed to provide seamless, uninterrupted service—with no loss of reporting or real-time capabilities in the event of a hardware failure or network outage
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