Video conferencing and video calls

Why travel for meetings when you could carry out a video call?
MiVoice video phone
Mitel and Vidyo conferencing
Maximum Group can provide you with a range of Mitel Vidyo video conferencing and video call solutions to help a variety of businesses in Birmingham and throughout the UK. 
Vidyo is a software-based video conferencing solution hosted on a cloud set-up. This technology is affordable due to it being software-based and with very little or no hardware, depending on the solution. Offering video conferencing solutions to business types of all shapes and sizes, all Mitel Vidyo solutions are held in either the public, private or hybrid cloud depending on your solution needs. Each solution fully supports BYOD initiatives, business-class video conferencing to all major mobile devices and tablets in addition to desktop and in-room systems. 
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MiVoice video phone
Do you want to simplify meetings with an affordable video call system? If so, the MiVoice video phone could be the ideal system.

Notorious for being a hassle to set-up, video conferencing couldn’t be easier with the MiVoice. With no need to plan ahead or use a third-party service, you can initiate a video conference or collaboration when the occasion may arise.

With in-room presentation capabilities, allowing for easy document sharing, the MiVoice comes complete with cloud based services.

Some of the key features and functionality of the MiVoice video phone include:
  • HD sound quality (22khz)
  • Automatic video call escalation
  • Built-in high resolution 7” colour touch screen display
  • Picsel SmartOffice suite 
  • A web browser to allow multimedia support
  • Content can be sent to remote parties via the video stream
  • And much more
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